Technical SEO Services

Technical SEO services that boost your visibility, improve your ranking and bolster your customer experience.

Have you ever wondered what makes your site tick? Is it fast enough? Is it easy to navigate? Do my customers like the site? Is it set up in a way that tickles Google’s fancy?

That, in a nutshell, is what Technical SEO is all about – taking care of the ‘behind the scenes’ of your website so Google and other big search engines continue to send traffic your way. That way, you can reach more people, sell more products and boost your revenue.

The caveat is if all is not as it should be, Google (and the other SERPs) will commit the deadliest of sins – they’ll send traffic to your competitors instead. Every detail matters, every aspect of your site counts – no matter how big or small. If you can get it right, you’ll reap the rewards, and the customer-getting battle is won. 

Why is technical SEO so important?

When they wake up in the morning, the team at Google doesn’t drink coffee. Nope, they head straight to their computers and get to work on directing the world’s Googlers to the best, most relevant websites that are high-performing and give the best possible experience. That’s what motivates Google and their algorithms: top-quality websites. If your website isn’t up to scratch? They’ll leave you behind, and they won’t lose a wink of sleep over it. 

All SEO is important – it’s the grease that oils your customer acquisition machine. Within that machine are lots of different building blocks, and none are more important than Technical SEO. Think of it as the head of the family, the backbone that supports everything else.  

Technical SEO services help you stay on Google’s (and the other SERPs) list of websites they send visitors to. It governs your online traffic, and rules the roost when it comes to new business and increased revenue. If the right people are coming to your website, and they’re coming often, then it’s up to you to convert that traffic. The power is now in your hands. 

In order for that to happen, there’s a lot of boxes Google insists your business ticks. Below, we’ll look at what those boxes are and how you can check every single one.

Technical SEO Audit

This is always our go-to: our modus operandi, our first port of call. We can quickly work out where the problem lies, and then map out a plan of action to deal with the problem/s. There are so many different aspects to Technical SEO, so it’s impossible to tell you what aspects of your SEO are being hurt by your site until we roll up our sleeves and investigate. 

The audit of your site will be meticulous – every trick in the book will be employed, every nook and cranny covered. We’ll look at everything from your content, user experience, site speed and beyond. 

As we carry out the process, we’ll use an in-depth checklist to make sure we’re covering every possible snagging point, and it makes sure nothing is left to chance. 

Once that’s done, we’ll give you a detailed report of the areas that need some attention, and then we can draw up a tailored strategy to get you the kind of results that a solid SEO plan can bring. 

website seo audit

Site Speed

Users expect your site to be rapid, and if it isn’t, they’re off on their merry way. People don’t have the patience to wait for pages to load – they know that within seconds, they can be on another site that can deliver the products or information they’re seeking instantly. It sounds drastic, but the truth is if your site speed isn’t quick enough, you’re not going to have the chance to convert potential customers – they simply won’t stick around long enough to give you the chance.. And that’s if Google even sends traffic your way!

Bounce rate increases with low site speed too, and that’s where technical SEO and Google comes into play. If Google and the other SERPs notice people leaving your website quickly (bounce rate), then they’ll stop sending people to your website. Remember, Google rewards the websites that people love, and a high bounce rate indicates the opposite. Keep things swift, and your traffic and conversions will skyrocket as a result. 

At Stratton, we’ll complete an in-house analysis to diagnose the cause of your site speed issues. Maybe your Time To First Byte is too slow, or the page size is too big. Perhaps we just need to enable cache browsing, or it could be an issue with JavaScript and HTML.
Whatever it is, we’ll establish the problem, fix it quickly and get you back on the road in no time at all. Ahh, did somebody say more traffic and higher conversions? 

speed up my website

Mobile Optimisation

Cast your mind back to the last time you ordered something online. Did you fire up your laptop, log on, load the website and then place the order? Or did you pull your phone out of your pocket and click ‘buy?’ Most of us use mobile to buy, well, everything: cooking books, TV’s, cars – the list is endless, which is why it’s crucial your site is mobile-friendly. 

95% of mobile searches are done through Google, which is why Google has switched to a mobile-first index. That means they’re judging your content (and site as a whole) based on the mobile version of your website – even if customers are searching from their desktop. Scary? Not if you nail this part of your SEO strategy. 

We perform open heart surgery to find out exactly how mobile-friendly your site is. In an ideal world, your site will be perfect already, but experience tells us that most sites have changes to make that can rapidly boost their rankings. Whether it’s design, responsiveness, site speed, content, access or anything else, the mobile SEO boffs in the Stratton office will establish the problem, and get you mobile-friendly in no time. Expect more traffic, more customers, and more favours from Google!

website optimised for mobile phones

Site Architecture

This technical SEO service is all about making your website easy to navigate. Google and the other SERPs penalise your ranking if content is all over the place: if there’s no structure, no guideline and no distinct layout and format to your site, your ranking and traffic can drop almost overnight. 

We keep referring back to it, but it’s worth one more mention: Google is hellbent on sending traffic to the best websites out there, and they cover every minute detail to make sure they stick to that promise. If your website is easy to use, the content is clearly laid out and links are in the right place, then the bots and algorithms will send traffic your way again and again. 

At Stratton, we comb through your site architecture in extreme detail. We’ll make sure all relevant content is grouped together, which keeps things nice and organised. We’ll declutter irrelevant content that is hurting your rankings too – stuff that you no longer need on your site. Everything will then be organised neatly so your customers and Google can find exactly what they’re looking for, without having to go through umpteen hoops to get there. The payoff is more traffic, more conversions and a VIP invitation into Google’s good books, which never hurts!

Website Migration

If you’re making wholesale changes to your site, it can have a significant impact on your SEO. That’s essentially what website migration is: big changes to things like your content, your hosting platform, website structure, user experience or your domain name – anything that can affect your search engine visibility falls into the website migration bracket. 

The ranking signals the big search engines use can be thrown off guard when you make these changes. Until you put a recovery plan in place, you can see a huge drop in ranking, visibility and traffic. We’ll be honest – sometimes, things recover on their own. More often than not though, this takes months and months. In the meantime, you’re missing out on new traffic, visibility shrinks, and ultimately, revenue plummets. 

If you’ve made any big changes to your site recently, or are planning to make any, click the button below to learn more about how we can make the transition seamless. We’ll plan your migration strategy down to the letter, ensure that everything is ticked off on our ‘successful migration checklist’, and help you pick the right timing for your migration. That way, you won’t have to worry about losing the traffic and ranking you’ve worked so hard for. 

how to do website migration