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Search Engine Optimisation Services

The correct SEO strategy will provide the best ROI for your business

Be Found Be Chosen

Being on the first page of Google will provide your business with the best ROI compared to any other marketing strategy. The fact you are reading this probably means you already know that. Schedule a free 15 minute consultation and lets talk.

Our Search Engine Optimisation Team

At Stratton Digital, our SEO team have over 15 years’ combined experience and we continually invest in training and attend all the main industry talks around the world to keep at the forefront of the latest techniques and SEO strategies. Search engines such as Google and Bing are continuously evolving as they attempt to provide people with the most relevant search results. It is for this very reason we  create our SEO strategies on the very latest data whilst always adhering to the best search engine optimisation best practices

Why SEO Optimisation?

Having an amazing looking website which is not optimised for search or appearing for relevant search terms is like ordering a box of beautifully designed leaflets and then leaving them in the box. Every day, potential customers and clients are searching for your product and service and they can only reach out to the companies they can see. Unfortunately, businesses that don’t appear on the first page are invisible. Targeted organic website traffic is the key to increased customers and revenue. 

Increase in leads and customers

The main reason for any business to carry our search engine marketing is to gain more leads, more customers and ultimately increase revenue and profits. Putting your website in front of your specific audience for the correct buyer intent search phrases will do exactly that.

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Dominate Your Market

All our SEO campaigns is based on hard data from your nich and website, there is no guess work is just fact. Everything is rolled out by hand by an individual team member. No bots or AI here.

Digital Marketing Experts

We know exactly what it takes to give your site maximum exposure on both the organic search results and Google business profile. Our aim is to dominate both these spaces for your most important keywords and increase conversion through all intent related search phrases.

Our SEO Process

Each SEO campaign is different but as a general rule we will cover the following

SEO Strategy

Every project starts with an SEO strategy. It's important for us to find out as much as possible about your business, such as your short and long term goals, ideal customers along with the current status of your website. We will need access to Google search console and Google Analytics

SEO Audit

We always run both functional and technical SEO audits to analyse your entire website. We need to make sure search engines can crawl your site, giving you maximum visibility and your website has a good internal linking structure. We will also check schema and architecture

Keyword Research

Search engines like Google and Bing decide which websites to show based on many variables, such as content and search phrases. Our team will carry out indepth market and keyword analysis research to make sure your website is sending strong signals to the search engines.

Onsite SEO

We carry out onpage analysis to make sure the number of pages, content and the meaning behind the words on your pages are being interpreted in the correct way by the search engines algorithm and that it's inline with the top competitors.

Backlink Audit

Backlinks are a major ranking factor in SEO, but poor quality links can be extremely damaging. We will carry out a full backlink profile audit to see if any of your current backlinks need to be disavowed. Too many poor quality backlinks and you run the risk of a penalty.

Content Audit

Our team are experts in content marketing and will make sure you have the right amount of buyer and informational content that includes your most important keywords. The right content will drive more traffic and help convert your visitors.

Link Building

Search engines like Google use over 200 signals in their algorithm. However, backlinks have always been one of the biggest ranking factors. We will create a strategic link building campaign to secure the right links from quality websites.

Reputation management

When you are found on search engines, customers still have to choose between you and your competitor. We help you build real reviews from your existing customers to increase trustworthiness and social proof. This is also a big ranking factor in Google Map.

Campaign Reporting

It's important to the progress being made. We provide access to a reporting platform you can login into anytime to see important statistics such as traffic, keywords, customer reviews. Each month you also receive a report which we discuss on a monthly strategy call.

Common SEO Questions

SEO or search engine optimisation is the process of improving your website so that you increase its visibility to people that are searching for your business’s product or service on Google, Bing, Duck Cuck Go or other search engines. You can optimise your website for product or service keywords as well as your brand.

This depends on the niche you are in and the level of competition and how aggressive you want to be with ranking increases. This is not a case of one size fits all.
One point to note is that SEO is a series of processes that needs to be done correctly by an SEO expert, so beware of cheap SEO services. These always end in disaster.

SEO should be an ongoing process if you want to keep your search engine rankings. Like all SEO agencies, some previous clients have decided to stop SEO services once they have achieved page one. There is one issue with this and that is that the competition keeps implementing SEO tactics so their search engine rankings will eventually overtake yours. As well as keeping SEO as a long-term stragegy you should also reguarly add new content to encourage Google to crawl your domain, this approach will keep you high in the serps.

This again depends on the niche you are in as competition varies. However, search engine marketing should be at the forefront of your marketing. Speaking to an SEO consultant or SEO company will provide you with a good idea of which type of search engine optimisation service your business would be suited to. Investing in a good SEO service will provide you with a good return on investment.

Firstly, Google ranks web pages and not whole websites and, secondly, this depends on the competition and the level of input that is put into SEO campaigns.
It is important to remember that no search engine optimisation company can guarantee a No.1 position on Google. Search engine algorithms mean things change all the time and your competitors are also likely implementing seo work. With that being said, we have some of the best seo specialists in our team and all of our previous clients have enjoyed significantly increased search rankings and improvement on all their important pages.

Both SEO and PPC have their places. While SEO can take time to make an impact once you are appearing in front of your target audience it will provide a much greater return on investment. Paid traffic or any paid advertising for that matter can push get website in front of your audience while you are waiting for your SEO agency services to  take affect. be ware though if you plan to embark on a PPC campaign you may need a very large budget and good skills in paid traffic campaigns.

It is certainly possible to learn SEO but like any professional skill it takes many years and commitment to learn to an expert level. To successfully apply SEO to your own website you will also need certain SEO industry tools, some web design skills and a knowledge of website conversions, plus how to optimise your website for user experience. Unless you have a lot of time and resources to learn SEO its much better to use seo agency services.