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Link building campaign to build traffic and rankings case study.

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The Company

This company works with the US health broker niche.

The Objective

We started working with this company back in 2017 when they approached us to help them build quality organic backlinks. The aim of the campaign was to help increase the number of keywords, traffic and rankings for the target keywords This is a cometitive industry so a variety of banklinks was required to ensure success.

The Campaign

The website was already established and had good on page SEO with a solid menu structure so we could launch straight into the link building campaign. The first step was carry out a backlink audit and collect the data for anchor text and the link profile. This would help us create the anchor text we would use and where the first links needed to go to.

Once the outreach campaign was set up we started outreach to websites that passed the criteria for this particular campaign. The outreach campaign was aimed at securing a variety of links such as guest post links, resource links, editorial links to name a few. Using the collected data we used the correct ratio of branded, naked, branded keyword and partial match keyword anchor text.

The Result

When this company came to us back in 2017 the organic traffic was sitting at 9K visitors per month. Pre-covid traffic had been build to 100K visitor per month. As per many businesses the pandemic took it’s toll reducing traffic to 18K per month. Since the pandemic traffic has been build back through link building to just under 50K per month. Over the last 4.5 years 1450 organic links have been built.

organic traffic growth insurance niche

Since the start of the campaign in 2017 ranked keywords have grown from just over 8000 to 31000. An increase of 287.5% increase despite being affected by the Covid pandemic.

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