Hot Shots Barbers

The Company

Hot Shots Barbers is a five-chain barber brand. Established in 1998, the five barber shops are located throughout the county of Essex. They also produce their own brand of hair products.

The Objective

Although Hot Shots has been around for over 20 years an increase in competion coupled with agressive marketing had seen daily walk-ins and appointments drop. Hot Shots came to us with one main aim, to put a lot more customers in the barber chair every day.

It’s a fact that people use Google to locate barbers in their local area and then are heavily influenced by reviews.
Our main objective was to put Hots shots Barbers individual shops back on page one of Google for the main and secondary keywords and help increase the number of online reviews as they admitted they had never really pushed reviews at all.

The Campaign

The initial website audit revealed some initial issues that needed to be addressed such a slightly higher than ideal website load time, important missing keywords from the target webpages and relevant backlinks. The lack of reviews compared to the competition were of course apparent.

We began by making some adjustments to increase the load speed of the website, which is a key ranking factor. We then compiled cometitor anaylsis on the main competion to uncover the main and secondary keywords they shoud be targeting. Main keyword for the Upminster branch such as “upminster barbers” were not being optimised correctly.

Google Business Profiles were then optimised  by incorporating the correct keywords and geo-tagged images in to the GBP account and then relevent backlinks buit to send strong ranking signals to search engines.

The Result

The organic traffic increase from just over 200 visitors per month to 740, in increase of 135% in organic traffic. This provided an increase of over 200 customers per month plus increased revenue from product sales.

With the help of our review software we helped increase the organic customer reviews significanly, this helped increase social proof and trust for the brand. Below is results for the Basildon branch.

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