Stratton Digital

How it Started

Stratton Digital was founded by Phil Roskams in 2017. Phil could see the industry was flooded by hundreds, if not thousands of so called SEO agencies with no real expertise on how to create SEO campaigns that would deliver results. There was also a growing trend of companies unhappy with the results they were receiving from their SEO providers.

Stratton Digital was launched to deliver SEO campaigns based on factual data and not guess work, and to deliver campaigns that produced a solid ROI (return on investment).

We are pleased to say that we have our SEO deliverables down to a fine art and all campaigns are based on real live data, making sure our work is science fact and not science fiction. The results are happy clients with what matters most, a great ROI. 

We’re proud to say we have won the award of Best Data Driven Agency SEO Expert 2022.

SEO data-driven campaigns have always been and always will be a core part of how we deliver winning SEO projects. If you would like to find out how we can help you grow online reach out for an informal chat.

utilising the best talent in the world

Like many SEO agencies as we grew we leased an office, and then another one in the US, and as with offices in fixed locations we were limited to hiring people within a certain radius of the office. With so much amazing talent in the world we had been contemplating moving to home office working just before the Covid-19 pandemic hit.

In August 2020 we decided to make the move permanently to home office working unlocking a global talent supply. This not only means a better working environment for our team but we can now provide our clients with the very best SEO talent the world has to offer.